by Abernathy

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This album was recorded in 3 days at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN. All of the instruments were tracked by Emma Holden. Produced by Mitch Dane and mastered by Matthew Odmark.


released 10 June 2013



all rights reserved


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Abernathy Nashville, Tennessee

Abernathy is an indie rock band from the Nashville, TN area. The band was formed by Emma Holden and Spencer Holloway, two students in the Franklin, TN area. Both members share a love of music and passion for performing. Their sound and style is a blend of multiple influences such as Jack White, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, and The Black Keys. They released their debut EP, "Sugar", on May 5th 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Swing
I just can't wait to get back
to the way it was before
I just can't wait to get back
I've been down on the floor

It's been a long time since I've seen the sunshine
It's been a real long time

So don't wait for me
I won't wait for you
Go ahead and sell yourself to the demons inside of you

I'll be just fine
living without you

I just can't wait to get back
to the way it was before
I just can't wait to get back
to find what I'm looking for

Now is the time to live for the moment
I've gotta live my life

So don't wait for me
I won't wait for you
Go ahead and give it all to the ones who are pretending to you

I'll be just fine
Track Name: Jeff
I'm sorry to you Jeff
I'm losing my mind
I'm sorry to you Jeff
my heart's beating out of time
I'm sorry from the depths of my heart
I wasn't built to kill
I'm sorry from the pit of my burning lungs
it can't go on like this

Oh Jeff
I've got nothing left
Oh Jeff
You're my favorite sin


Face of an angel, your lips I kissed
but you only bit back
Eyes filled with diamonds, a face to arrest
don't you pity me when I'm finally dead

Track Name: The Start
I wanna love you but I know I can't
I'd tell you why but then I'd lose my chance
It's hard to see you from a different point of view
Cause now I know I can't take care of you

Well I guess this is goodbye
Because there's no reason to try
We would be the same if we were apart
But you just wanna go right back to the start

I can't imagine my life with you
So don't waste time just tell me what you wanna do
You're like a poison running through my veins
Your love is just driving me insane

Track Name: Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)
I don't miss the life I had with hearts of greed and iron clad
I ran away to seek tough love with answers from the Lord above
Give me time and give me space, kiss my unfamiliar face
It gets lonely in my camp I'm Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)

Greed is just a memory of when i was in society
Tell me the fake dreams you chase and i will laugh right in your face
who's the idol of your world? Someone small, they're just a girl
Be a man, lord of your camp like Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)

Even though I'm not tall, I feel strong
Even though I left my family I love them all
What a day God has made, so why should we waste it?
I for one, I want to live it, I want to breath it, I want to taste it
Be a man lord of your camp like Alexander Supertramp
Track Name: Twisted
Well you tore my heart out and now I'm walking away
You put me in a fight when I had no chance
Be calm you say but it's all fake
Just take the time and you can see what you do to me

Can't you see that we can't be

The words you seek don't come to my mind
So don't you try and twist every rhythm and rhyme
The excess is so great but why are you so fake
Time is what it takes but it could never mend my broken heart

Track Name: I Lost You
I lost you
I don't know what to do
honey, you're my everything
But here you are leaving me again
Can you hear me?
There's only so much I can say
I just need you to stay with me tonight
Cause you're my light
I know that I've done you wrong, but I would risk it all if you'd come home

I know how this sounds, you've heard it all before
But I didn't think I'd lose you then
But now that you're gone, I know I've gotta change
Gotta learn to stop when you say when
I know that I've made mistakes but you're the one good choice I ever made
Track Name: Tell Me About Love
You don't know how to say
all these thoughts racing through your brain
You've got love and it's like a gun
but there's no trigger to pull

Are we gonna play this game?
Are we gonna play?

You wanna tell me about love
But I don't think you can
You look like you've been broken
You've got a quiver in your hand
You wanna tell me about love

I would break my own heart
just for you to mend
Your voice is a shame
it doesn't tell me your pain


Track Name: Sugar
Let my eyes adjust to the darkness in your heart
That might come with taking part
holding the key, you're holding the key above my head and I can't reach
Do I have to sacrifice for it?

Can you hear me sugar?
Did you hear me sugar?
Do you hear me sugar?
Just kiss my honey lips

Could you take me back in time?
When everything had rhythm and everything had rhyme
When it wasn't do or die
And when you were just mine


I'm hungry over you
I don't know what to do
Do you want your collar to be blue?
Just kiss my honey lips
Track Name: Tommy Lee
I'm holding a live grenade, I'll disgrace my very name
I'm running straight toward a runaway train

What would your mother say if she knew where you stayed?

I know you want to drag me away, but I'm staying here
And you'll keep staying on the run, I'll watch you disappear from under me